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The Right Shutter Company
  • FAQ's on wooden shutters


    Q. Can Wooden Shutters be fitted into a Bay Window?

    A. Wooden Shutters are the best window covering for a Bay Window as they are made to measure to fit each part of the bay perfectly. 


    Q. What impact will Wooden Shutters have on the natural light coming into my room? 

    A. The simple answer no  you should not notice any difference with the light in a room as it bounces of the louvres into the room. There are things you can do to maximise light, such as having less panels per window, and using a thinner profile for the Shutter edges. 


    Q. I have had a bad experience with a National Shutter Company why should I use you

    A. We are a local independent Shutter Company and a lot of our business comes from recommendations. We do visit to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation, but do not employ any suspect sales tactics, such as made up offers that are only valid for 1-day etc, and there is no pressure to sign up on the day. 


    Q. Shutters are becoming more and more popular, why is this? 

    A. A shutter is a great investment as shutters are long lasting, look great, and provide much more flexibility than other window coverings. They are also incredibly easy to maintain and will look great for years to come. 


    Q. Are there any types of windows/doors that are not suitable for shutters? 

    A. Most windows/doors are suitable for shutters. There are some exceptions such as inwards opening windows/doors, but often a solution can be found even for these. 


    Q. Can Shutters be fitted in bathrooms? 

    A. Yes, Shutters can be fitted in bathrooms, but we recommend a UPVC Shutter as these are waterproof. We do not recommend fitting Wooden Shutters in bathrooms. 


    Q. Are Wooden Shutters expensive? 

    A. The initial cost of a Wooden Shutter is usually more than most other window coverings, but a well fitted Wooden Shutter will transform your home and last for many years. 


    Q. What colours are available for my Shutters? A. We can colour match to virtually any colour for your Shutters, as long as you can provide us with a sample or a colour code.